From the very beginning, we were gripped by the idea of embodying the concept of lightness.

Our new concept is designed to be a dream to wear – not only outstandingly comfortable, practical and tough, but easy to fit as well. Innovative and unique. Striking but not dominant. Modern and forward-thinking, thanks to the beta titanium material. Hypoallergenic and, above all, attractive. A flawless, patented revolution. The purest form of zeitgeist.

We are all proud that LITHE eyewear has already become the first choice of eyewear for so many people.

We look forward to showing you what it can do, too.


The concept of lightness.
Aesthetic. Light. Free.


Highly flexible, tough and skin-friendly
high-tech beta titanium from Japan.


Elegantly proportioned and perfectly ergonomically
shaped design from Germany.